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Hello / Hi / Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good Evening
How are you? How do you do/  I am fine/ Not so well/ so-so/ bad…
What is your name? My name is…
Nice to meet you/ glad to meet you/ pleased to meet you: enchanté de faire votre connaissance.
May I introduce myself? Puis je me presenter?
Let me introduce you to… laisser moi vous presenter à…
The pleasure is all mine: tout le plaisir est pour moi.
How old are you? I am …………….. years old.
Where do you live? I live in Marseilles.
Do you live in a house or a flat? I live in a …
What’s your job? I am a ….
Where do you work? I work ….
Do you work for yourself or for a boss? I work for….
Are you married or single? I am………
What’s your husband/ your wife doing for a living? He/ She is …..
Do you have any children? Yes, I do / No, I don’t.
What are your children’s names? Their names are……
How old are they?  They are…
Do they go to school? Yes, they do, they go to Kindergarten/ Elementary/ Junior High/ High School/ University….. No they don’t, they work.
What are your hobbies? I like V+ing
What kind of activities do you practise at week-ends? What do you do at WE?
Most of the time, I enjoy reading, watching TV, relaxing, gardening, shopping, going to the restaurant or the cinema etc…
Otherwise, I enjoy doing nothing at all also!! But it never happens! It’s sad!!
Where do you go on holidays? I usually go on holidays in France/ abroad (à l’étranger)
What kind of trips are you keen on? I am keen on cultural trips/ relaxing trips
What countries did you visit during your last holidays? I visited….
Did you enjoy it? Yes, I did, it was wonderful, very different from Marseilles. / No, I didn’t. We had very bad weather all the time/ the people were not nice at all…
When is your next holiday? My next holiday is during the spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter/ Christmas/ New year/ Easter …
Do you usually go on a trip by yourself or with a group? We usually go on organized trips/ on auto tours…
What’s the weather like today? Today is sunny/ rainy/ cloudy/ windy/ snowy/ hot/ warm/ cold/ freezing…
Have a nice day! Bonne journée
Good bye/ bye bye: au revoir
So long/ see you soon : à bientôt.
Give my regards to… passez le bonjour à…
See you later: à plus tard




Be keen on
Be fond of
Be interested in
Take great pleasure         + Verbe en ING
Be eager to
Go for
Be crazy about
Be mad about
Be craving for


AGREEING/ DISAGREEING WITH SOMEONE: être daccord/ être en désaccord

I think so: je pense
That’s it! C’est ça
That’s right! C’est correct
You’re right! Tu as raison
That’s correct: c’est correct
I agree with you: je suis d’accord avec toi
I’m of your opinion: je suis de ton avis
I share your views : je partage ton point de vue
I don’t agree : je ne suis pas d’accord
I disagree : je ne suis pas d’accord.
That’s wrong ! c’est faux
You’re wrong ! tu as tort


WARNING : avertissements

Be careful ! fais attention
Watch out ! attention
Beware of… attention
Beware of the dog : attention au chien
Beware of how you speak: surveille tes paroles




Come on! Allez
Go on/ carry on/ Keep going! Continue
That’s good/ well done! C’est bien
That’s better: c’est mieux
Not bad! Pas mal
That’s it! C’est ça!
You’re doing fine! Tu te débrouilles bien
Try again ! essaie encore
Don’t give up ! n’abandonne pas !
Congratulations : félicitations
Well done ! bien joué
Perfect ! parfait
That’s great ! c’est formidable
Splendid/ marvelous/ wonderful : splendide/ merveilleux/ épatant.


APOLOGIZING : s’excuser

Sorry : désolé(e)
I’m sorry : je suis désolé(e)
Sorry for being late : désolé d’être en retard
Excuse me for being late: excusez moi pour le retard
It’s my fault : c’est de ma faute
Please forgive me : SVP pardonnez moi
I didn’t mean to…/ I had no intention of… V+ing : je n’avais pas l’intention de…