At the restaurant


A customer: un client
An owner: un propriétaire
A waiter/ a waitress
To set the table
To clean the table
A table
A tablecloth: une nappe
A napkin: une serviette
A plate
A fork
A knife
A spoon
A glass
A bread basket
Salt and peper
Oil & vinegar



We would like to a table for 2, please.
I would like to book a table for 2
I would like to make a reservation for a table for 2, please
I would like to cancel a reservation I made please.
Would you like something to drink Sir? Madam?
Here is our menu
Please, feel free to ask us any more details on the “special of the day”
How may I help you?
Are you ready to order?
Do you need more time?
Would you enjoy some wine with your meals?
Do you have any special recipes I can cook for you?
What kind of cuisine do you serve? Mexican? Middle Eastern? Italian? Asian? Indian? French? Etc…
What kind of portion size would you like? Small/ medium/ large? Extra large?
Is everything doing fine?
Do you need anything?
Could we have the bill, please?
Would you like a doggy bag for the left over??
May I suggest a coffee or dessert?
Thanks a lot for your visit!
Have a good day/ have a good night